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Professional real estate management and administration is a complex, responsible and rather specific service that includes a very vast and diverse range of processes. Management of housing fund is a thoroughly prepared and detailed process that includes specific schedules.

Residential real estate management is not only about the maintaininance of engineering networks, cleaning of buildings and adjacent territories, but also a thorough administration process and keeping of the house file. A real estate management contract is a legal document that binds building owners (and flat owners) to fulfil their statutory obligation to manage residential buildings.

Selection of a suitable manager / administrator is not an easy decision to make for a flat, house or land owner. We all want to reside in a clean and pleasant environment – our home!

Vestabalt offers real estate management services. Vestabalt offers full range management as well as technical and financial administration of real estate development. By concluding a real estate management contract, Vestabalt assumes full responsibility for real estate management, administration and putting into operation. You will receive a comprehensive, integrated and end-to-end real estate management solution that can be adjusted to the individual specifics of each real estate.

Vestabalt management services cover all types of real estate:

  • House-owners’ apartment buildings;
  • Private houses;
  • Flats;
  • Land properties.

By taking over real estate management, Vestabalt assumes responsibility for all matters related to the technical side of putting into operation, gaining income from the estate as well as the overall development of the real estate in the long-term.

Most services offered by Vestabalt are provided by in-house technical resources  and personnel providing competitive management costs and quick response time.

Why choose Vestabalt for your real estate management?

The mission of Vestabalt is to ensure full service real estate management and administration at the highest level and quality provided by professional managers with a rich work experience and special training and education.

We offer full-service professional and honest real estate management. Our aim is to provide transparent, quick and high quality real estate management and administration services to our clients:

  • Almost 30 years experience in real estate management and administration;
  • Quality and speed;
  • No hidden costs;
  • Personal approach to clients;
  • Professional employees;
  • Availability of 24/7 emergency services.

Managmenet services

Real estate management and administration is an ongoing and continuous process. When one job is completed, there’s more to come. Vestabalt offers all types real estate management works:

Maintenance of engineering communications:

  • Maintenance of lighting and electrical systems;
  • Maintenance of water supply and sewerage;
  • Maintenance of gas heating systems;
  • Maintenance of ventilation and conditional systems;
  • Maintenance of fire alarm systems;
  • Maintenance of the intercom equipment, entrance code, barrier/gate systems;
  • Maintenance of video surveillance systems;
  • 24/7 emergency services.


Cleaning and maintenance of common buildings spaces and areas:

  • Daily cleaning of territories;
  • Cleaning of pavements and walking paths;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Snow shoveling and disposal;
  • Removal of icicles and snow from the roof;
  • Daily staircase cleaning;
  • Window and facade cleaning;
  • General cleaning of common spaces;
  • Replaceable carpets service;
  • Planting and maintenance of greening;
  • Cleaning of underground and overground parking spaces;
  • Cleaning of terraces;
  • Deratization and disinfection.

Maintenance of the building’s constructive elements:

  • Technical supervision of the building’s constructions;
  • Repair of the house’s constructive elements;
  • Maintenance of elevator.

Building management services:

  • Organization of utilities;
  • Billing administration;
  • Financial planning and accounting;
  • Accounting for savings funds and reports for flat owners;
  • Preparation of long-term management plans;
  • Preparation of annual budget and presentation to flat owners;
  • Organization of flat owner meetings;
  • Organization of property insurance;
  • Dealing with debtors provided by the debtor supervision team;
  • Keeping and updating the house file.

Other management services:

  • Concluding contracts with tenants / lessees, debtor management (if applicable);
  • Management of legal documents;
  • Representation in business relations;
  • Services of certified security guards;
  • Freight and transport services;
  • For customers – on-call plumbing, electrician and carpentry services.